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The Story of a Roma Family

Romania, 2010.

selfportrait with bottles and some pictures from a vernissage (Ingo Wessely, Vienna, today)

Easter Fire
A pre-Christian Saxon tradition at its origin, the Easter Fire is still lit in many parts of Northwestern Europe. The easter candles are carried from the church on Holy Saturday outside the village where the Easter Fire is lit. It is supposed to chase winter and darkness away, celebrate the coming of spring and ensure fertility.
On this occasion the whole community gathers and some spend the whole night by the fire. Sometimes incidents happen too. This year in an Austrian village, in Lutzmannsburg a young man, after consuming a large quantity of alcohol, fell into the fire and was severely burned. 

Lutzmannsburg, Austria, 23/04/2011

Budesti, Maramures, Romania

A very personal photo project:
3 WOMEN : my grandmother, my mother & I

This is an ongoing photography project I have started the last time I’ve visited my family in Romania.
This series is telling the story of my very short (unfortunately only 2 day-) visit…and also the story of three women.

and saying good bye

preview of a very personal photo project:
3 WOMEN : my grandmother, my mother & I

Timisoara, Romania, April 2011.

from the series “Never Awake. In the City that Never Sleeps”, a photo essay on prostitution in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Dec. 2010

pretty bad weather

Tel Aviv, Israel, Dec. 2010

There is no wish to be somewhere else, in some other time. This moment is all there is. Being fully in the present. 

Then try this in your everyday life. Without a camera.

04/04/2011, Vienna

Pillowfight in Hofburg, 02/04/2011, Vienna

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