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last summer day.

(c) Emese Benko

At the opening of 21er Haus, Vienna, 15/11/2011

(c) Emese Benko

An evening with Natalia

(c) Emese Benko
Vienna, Nov. 2011

(c) Emese Benko
Oct. 2011, Timisoara, Romania

3 women

Continuing a very personal photo project – 3 women: my grandmother, my mother & I.
See the previous work here:

My grandmother in front of her husband’s grave.

My grandmother in front of her brother’s grave.

Leaving the cemetery.

My mother in front of my father’s grave.

(c) Emese Benko

On the way home

(c) Emese Benko   All taken with iphone.

Postcommunism in autumn colors

Postcommunism in autumn colors 
or Reshaping heritage

The fat cat leads us into the story and, if you’ve read Bulgakov, you know that this can get unpleasant.
The photo series is about communist architecture in Romania – it is part of the heritage. Some ignore it (buildings will fall apart by themselves if you wait long enough…it’s good Romanian philosophy), some renovate it and try to give it a more human, or at least less monstrous look. Sometimes the renovated buildings get a violent, headache-provoking color. I don’t know why, maybe there was just too much grey before.

(c) Emese Benko . All taken with iphone. 2011.

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