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Photo shoot with Martina. We had so much fun !

Vienna, August 2014

© Emese Benko

Info & book a photo shoot:

Martina_klein_01 Martina_klein_02 Martina_klein_03 Martina_klein_04 Martina_klein_05 Martina_klein_06 Martina_klein_07


I still don’t get it how can a human being be so beautiful…but that’s ok, there are a lot of mysteries in the universe.

Photo shoot with Charlotte Anderla, Wiener Models, August 2014, Vienna.

© Emese Benko

Charlotte_10Charlotte_01 Charlotte_02 Charlotte_03 Charlotte_04 Charlotte_05 Charlotte_06 Charlotte_07 Charlotte_08 Charlotte_09 Charlotte_11 Charlotte_12Charlotte_19Charlotte_13 Charlotte_14 Charlotte_15Charlotte_18Charlotte_16 Charlotte_17

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