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in the mood for less (day 2.)

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Today, Hurghada

(c) Emese Benko

in the mood for less

Starting a new photo series today: “in the mood for less”.

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(c) Emese Benko

Baby and the desert

Hurghada, Egypt, March 2015

(c) Emese Benko

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This summer will be different.

Designer: Karin Mühlebner, summer collection, Vienna, 2015

(c) Emese Benko

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Fun photo shoot for Suzy.

Have a look at her wonderful bags and order one :

_MG_9500bw _MG_9514bw _MG_9519

(c) Emese Benko

Natalia & Ilia

My friends Natalia Grigorieva & Ilia Korol rehearsing at Wiener Konzerthaus, February 2015

(c) Emese Benko

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Photo shoot for Nuad & Atmen massage saloon, Vienna, 2015

(c) Emese Benko


Family photo shoot

Family photo shoot, Austria, 2015

_MG_9623bw _MG_9643bw _MG_9646 _MG_9666 _MG_9674bw _MG_9678 _MG_9680bw _MG_9688 _MG_9717bw _MG_9751 _MG_9768bw _MG_9782bw _MG_9795bw _MG_9811bw _MG_9813bw _MG_9843bw _MG_9850bw _MG_9856

(c) Emese Benko

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