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Shooting at 2 degrees

Foto: Zana


honey bunny and the city


honey bunny and the dog


This Olafur Eliasson thing.




Vienna, 2016

(c) Emese Benko

honey bunny


(c) Emese Benko

Vienna, 2016

Girls’ day


(c) Emese Benko

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Portrait Wolfgang Reisinger, Porgy & Bess, Vienna, 21-23 January, 2016

(c) Emese Benko




(c) Emese Benko

© Emese Benko, Vienna, June 2014

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and another cool shooting

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© Emese Benko, Vienna, June 2014


“Scent of a woman” – preview of the exhibition I am preparing

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© Emese Benko, Vienna, May 2014



Preview from today’s shooting


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Today’s shooting: Romy

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01_MG_7362 02_MG_7391 03_MG_7322 04_MG_7223


Saturday’s shooting

Shooting for LILU Taschen.

Check out Suzy’s wonderful bags and buy one:

© Emese Benko






Shooting for LILU Taschen,

Those bags are really cool, get one !

© Emese Benko


New life

Shooting for Samariterbund, Home for Under Aged Refugees, March – April 2014, Vienna.

The 30 teenagers living here are mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.

© Emese Benko





Shooting with Simona Katzlinger, Vienna, March 2014

(c) Emese Benko

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In a home for old people II.

In a home for old people.
Timisoara, Romania, Dec. 2013
(c) Emese Benko

Shooting with Regina Kail-Urban, part II

Regina Kail-Urban, Vienna, 2013
(c) Emese Benko

Sleeping beauties

Because I miss Tel Aviv, I am posting here a small series called “Sleeping Beauties”, part of a photo project I did on prostitution in Tel Aviv.
You can view the whole project and its description here:

August 2012, Vienna
(c) Emese Benko

new blog

New blog: Photo Workshops by Emese Benko & Davin Ellicson:

New facebook page: Emese & Davin

We have a facebook page ! “Like” it if you like it 🙂

Easter documentary workshop in Maramures

Orthodox Easter in Maramures: Folk Traditions on Europe’s Eastern Fringe

Join Davin Ellicson and Emese Benko in the Maramures region of northern Romania in April 2012 for a week of enchantment in one of the most traditional villages left in Europe.

For decades Romania’s closed border policy under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu as well as a natural fortress of mountains kept Maramures isolated from the rest of Europe. Even after the fall of Communism change was slow to enter the region. The area is renowned for the strength of its traditions, folk costumes, idyllic landscape and is considered the heart of Romanian culture. In 2007 Romania joined the European Union and Maramures is at last changing. Come savor this rural life before it vanishes forever!

We are offering a five day documentary photography workshop based in the village of Valeni where Davin lived for a year with a family and fell under Romania’s dark spell. Maramures is where he found his photographic voice. In Davin’s second workshop in the village, he will be sharing his passion for Romania with students. Emese, a native of Timisoara, will provide valuable insights about Romanian culture.

The pair will be working closely with workshop participants and providing daily critiques and group discussions. We will begin with a review of participants’ past work. The goal of this workshop is to learn to create strong personal photographs about Orthodox Easter and peasant life. We will shoot during the day and edit in the evenings. It’s a workshop open to amateurs and professionals alike. Technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues will be discussed as attendees work towards honing their individual visions.

Everyone will enjoy great access to the Easter holiday celebrations which occur over three days. Homestays will allow for an immersive experience with local villagers and the opportunity to sample distinctive traditional Romanian food and 110 proof homemade plum brandy. It will be an opportunity to witness the last peasants in Europe living life as they have for millennia albeit with a few aspects of modern life mixed in! The five days promise to be an intense, intimate and unforgettable experience where students will get to know the villagers first hand and live a romantic way of life forgotten in the rest of Europe more than a century ago.

It is an all digital workshop limited to 12 students and everyone should come with their own laptop and editing software. Knowledge of your digital SLR or rangefinder and workflow is essential. Davin and Emese will be giving a tutorial of Adobe Lightroom.

DATES: 13-18 April 2012

WORKSHOP LOCATION: Valeni, Maramures, Romania.

WORKSHOP FEE: €500. Students are responsible for their own transportation to Romania and up to Maramures. There are daily trains from Bucharest to Maramures. Accommodation and meals are included. Choice of homestays or a room at a pension. 

REGISTRATION: The workshop is open to any professional or committed amateur who has knowledge of digital cameras and editing software.

new agency

The new agency is in town and I am happy to be a part of it !
Our portfolios are here:


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