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Thousands of refugees are still crossing the Hungarian – Austrian border every day.

Nickelsdorf-Hegyeshalom, 27/09/2015.

(c) Emese Benko


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Nickelsdorf, Austria, September 2015

Thousands of refugees crossed the Austrian – Hungarian border at Nickelsdorf after some EU countries were sending them from one country to another. Hungary built a 170 km , 4 meter high fence at its border to Serbia to keep refugees out arriving on the Balkan route and is working on fences on the Romanian and on the Croatian side. Croatia doesn’t want the refugees either and is sending them back to Hungary. Hungary, at its turn, is sending them to Austrian border where the asylum seekers cross at Hegyeshalom / Nickelsdorf by foot. The Austrian authorities that actually planned a border control, gave up on this idea when thousands of refugees arrived and just let them in and organised buses that would take the people to shelters.

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(c) Emese Benko

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